How to get OpenCV to display entire camera frame?

I’m using a 180 degree FOV fisheye camera for a project and am having difficulty getting OpenCV to display the entire camera frame. When I open the camera in the standard Windows camera app it shows the full 180 degree FOV, but when I use a simple script to display the camera in Python it crops a decent chunk of the image and nearly halves the FOV.

Image using Windows camera app: Windows — ImgBB

Image when Python script is running: python — ImgBB

Below is the code I’m using:

import cv2

cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0)

if not cap.isOpened():
    raise IOError("Cannot open webcam")

while True:
    ret, frame =
    frame = cv2.resize(frame, (1500,1000), fx=0, fy=0, interpolation=cv2.INTER_AREA)
    cv2.imshow('Input', frame)

    c = cv2.waitKey(1)
    if c == 27:


Anyone know how to stop this auto-cropping and display the full frame? Resizing the window doesn’t help. Any help would be much appreciated!

your post already has answers. why are you asking that again?