"Illegal member Initialization" error - aruco_calib_pose.hpp

Hi everybody,
I’m facing a problem using the aruco openCv module in C++, with Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 11.
I compiled the source code from scratch including the extra modules. I added the lib folder in the PATH environment variable and set all the dependencies in Visual Studio 2019 (i.e. the folder with the headers, the libraries, etc.). However, as soon as I try to compile my project with some calls to opencv, this error arise:

This appears to be related to the aruco_calib_pose.hpp header, and not to my code. Do you have suggestions on how to solve this?


please provide a MRE.

are you sure, you got exctly the same version for both main & contrib repos ?
(there’s been a lot of refactoring)

then, please replace the screenshot with a TEXT version of the erors, so it cn be indexed, googled, grepped, etc, thank you.


no, the bin folder has to go there, VS will never look.