Image compare after Getting the Edges

Hi, a newbie with Open Cv and am trying to display similar images so far i have done the following.

import cv2 
import os

import numpy as np

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

img1 = cv2.imread("1-Flip-flops.jpg",0)
img2 = cv2.imread("29-Leather mules.jpg",0)

edges1 = cv2.Canny(img1, threshold1=30, threshold2=100)
edges2 = cv2.Canny(img2, threshold1=30, threshold2=100)


plt.imshow(edges1, cmap = "gray")

plt.imshow(edges2, cmap = "gray")

It shows the edges around the black pic in matplotlib as i plot it… I was following the tutorial on a website, but it ended with the edges part. Where should i go from here. ?

Thanks and Sorry If Noob Question :frowning:

what do you want to do ? what is the purpose of your program ?

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Hi,Thanks for the reply.

the purpose of the program is to click/Upload an image and display similar results

and how would Canny thresholding achieve this ?
(you probably need to go back, and do some research on image similarity, MSSIM, hashes, CBIR, BOW)

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hi , i thought U know by extracting the edges or features and then comparing them. sorry if wrong :frowning:

again, this is commonly known as “Content Based Image Retrieval” (CBIR)
look it up, please.