Image stitching error: Camera parameters adjusting failed

I want to stitch multiple images from a retail store to capture the whole wall, I used the stitching library to use stitch the image, Here is the code used to stitch the images.

import stitching
from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def stitch_images(image_paths):
    stitcher = stitching.Stitcher(detector="sift", confidence_threshold=0.1)
    stitched_image = stitcher.stitch(image_paths)
    return stitched_image

stitched_image = stitch_images(paths)
im = Image.fromarray(np.uint8(stitched_image))

Here are the images

These 2 images have good enough overlapping parts but still, the library cannot stitch. Also please guide if the vertical stitching is possible using this library or any other reference.