In function cv::fitEllipse, noted that "New fitellipse algorithm, contributed by Dr. Daniel Weiss", who is Dr. Daniel Weiss, where can I find his works?

The function cv::fitEllipse gives three algorithms for fitting ellipse by least square method. In the source code, there is a note that “New fitellipse algorithm, contributed by Dr. Daniel Weiss”. Who is Dr. Daniel Weiss? Where can I find any papers or details about his work on fitting ellipse algorithm?
I have read the paper given by OpenCV: Structural Analysis and Shape Descriptors.
However, I am still confused.
I just want to know

  1. Why does the algorithm need re-fit? It first fits for parameter A-E, and then re-fit for parameters A-C with those center coordinates.
  2. Ellipse need the satisfy the constraint of 4ab-c^2 > 0, how does the algorithm satisfy it?

that’s at least 12 years old (no git history before that), so “new” is relative. if you want to do some archaeology, you’ll have to find commits (svn?) and discussions from that time.


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found the commit
(but i dont think it is very useful)


Thanks a million.
Is that to say the algorithm is actually not the original version in 1995 mentioned in the paper given by the official documentation, but proposed almost 12 years ago (2010)?


the commit seems to have been made in 2005. see previous comment referring to that commit in the opencv_attic, which must be a git reconstruction of whatever revision control they used back then.

I’m saying someone wrote a paper in 1995 surveying some known algorithms, and someone made a commit to OpenCV in 2005 to supposedly implement one of these algorithms. that’s what I draw from the available evidence.

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