Which repo should I fork for submitting algorithm about ellipse detector?

Hello, we are now trying to submit our work: Jia, Qi, et al. “A fast ellipse detector using projective invariant pruning.” IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 26.8 (2017): 3665-3679. to opencv, but considering that imgproc already contains some of circle detector algorithms, which repository should we fork, opencv(imgproc) or opencv_contrib? This is a geometry based approach.


I’d guess contrib, the ximgproc module, but…

you should start by opening an issue and outlining your plans. the core developers might have some suggestions, also about coding style and whatnot. they’ll know best.

is there a source code on github. maybe GitHub - dlut-dimt/ellipse-detector?

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Yes, but we received a request from Prof. Qi Jia to rearrange that code and try to submit them to OpenCV.