Inconsistent opencv.js md5 hash

I’m trying to build opencv.js for a project where it is required to provide instructions on how the exact builds of 3rd party libraries were created.

Every time you build opencv.js from scratch, the md5 hash is different. And from scratch I mean cloning a fresh repository, checking out the same commit and building the code using the same docker build command.

What causes this and more importantly, how can I make the builds identical?


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this is hard

Interesting, I was not aware this was an issue.

So that’s a non-starter even for builds done in docker containers?

I didn’t say that. I said it’s not trivial and you need to understand more about the build process than the average person. docker can help but… it may be necessary but it’s not sufficient, to use terms from logic

Right. I’m going to ask the mods at AMO if matching md5s is a hard requirement before delving into this.