iOS App and OpenCV License (Legal)

Hello, I have built a commercial iOS app using OpenCV.
However I could not understand if I have to include the license in the app or not.
Is it enough if I include the license in my code or do I have to make some sort of “About” menu with the OpenCV License in it?
Thanks in advance for any clarification.


so basically, “apache license”.

FAQs for the apache license are available all over the internet. many FAQs don’t answer questions that normal people have, but questions the creators pulled out of their behinds, and that makes those “FAQs” rather useless/impenetrable.

I hate it because it’s so verbose. I seem to be in good company because this exists:

I am not a lawyer. this is not legal advice.

Thank you for your help.
I have used an older version of OpenCV so it falls under the BSD license.
By using the website you have suggested I think I should include the license inside an “About” menu.
Am I correct?
Thank you!

I guess so.