OpenCV - Commercial Use - Display third party Source Info

1. OS WIndows10, etc

2. OS Architecture e.g. x86_64

We are planning to release a commercial product based on OpenCV…

Our customer would like to provide a read me page, with info concerning the third party open source libraries, OpenCV etc… used in the commercial application.

One idea is to simply take the OpenCV 3.4 license found in GitHub and copy it into the third party license info page. We are thinking of putting the OpenCV name, followed by version number and license into the page.

Is there a best practice for this.

opencv can be built without any 3rd party dependancy libs.

(it entirely depends on what you link in)

there’s a 3rd party section in the cmake output, which also can be retrieved from cv::getBuidInformation()

(and btw, there are a few patented algos, which are disabled by default (OPENCV_ENABLE_NONFREE))

please note, that from 4.4 on, the license has changed from MIT to Apache2

note: “third party” is a relative term. OpenCV has “third party” libraries, but that’s not the question. that proposed commercial application has “third party” libraries, OpenCV being one of those.

since OpenCV v3.4 is licensed under MIT, all the usual recommendations for using MIT-licensed software would apply.

Thanks for the information. We have a basic build of OpenCV 3.4.10. No non-free algorithms are included. The FFMPEG pre-built binary is included. Hopefully that can be removed ( potential patent issues - even in 2021, though many have expired).

So we have a list of third part libraries ( including OpenCV), and their individual licenses.