iPhone Continuity camera: undesired face recognition+pan

I am trying to use my iPhone 12 Pro Camera + OpenCV.
It had been working well but since recently iPhone camera started to demonstrate undesired behavior - I believe it detects faces and smoothly pan to make the face closer to the center.

The iPhone camera is the best option if you want to have a high quality camera for free (if you already have an iPhone). The quality of the image is much better than any USB camera.

How to disable that panning? Below I demonstrate it in the video.

The code for that is simple. Something like cv2.imshow(“camera”, cv2.VideoCapture(…).read()).

iPhone12 pro was fixed on the tripod but as you see from the video, the camera shifts the image. Pan is performed by camera software - it happens somewhere in between the iPhone camera and my app [driver?].

Probably someone knows how to disable it and make it predictable?