Is it possible to recognize a face with only with eyes?

Is there any way to recognize a face only with an eyes other than Haarcascade_eyes.XML model? I tried with this but it failed to recognize.

you probably meant detection (face or not) not recognition (who is it), right ?

do you have an example image ?

Well I want to recognize a person when he is on facemask .So when the person is on facemask only feature which I get is his eyes so I tried with haarcascade-eye.XML but it fail to recognize .
for e.g. I want to recognize Barak Obama I have collected dataset of him then I use haarcascade_eye.xml model

that is the expected result. you cant use cascades for recognition
(there are dnn’s for that task)

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I still think the language barrier is an issue here. again:

  • classification: is it a face?
  • detection: where is a face?
  • recognition: is this the same face as another?

you need to be precise with your words.