Is it possible to recognize these numbers on the display of the equipment?


I’m a bit of a beginner. However, I think I can recognize these numbers on the equipment, so I’m looking for a way, so please help me a little bit.

I tested it using pytesseract, PIL, and CV2, but it didn’t recognize it well.

threshold = 100
image.point(lambda p: p > threshold and 255)
pytesseract.image_to_string(image, lang=‘eng+kor’)

I’ve tried it.

we can’t help much with pytesseract or PIL here (off-topic) …

do some more research , please.

As shown in the attachment, the ‘digital display font’ is not recognized, so how can I find a way to recognize it?


Obviously, you’ll find ways by googling about it, e.g.: tesseract digital display font

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