Is it possible to use monitor image or printed paper

Hi, I’m making a defog function on camera.

The problem is, there is no foggy scene where I live.
So I’m having a difficult to test this function.

Question is, can I use printed image or monitor image as alternative??
I know it sounds wrong but I’m curious about the similarity between result of real scene vs printed image(or monitor image).

Thank you

why the detour?

are you seriously proposing to print out a picture, and then point a camera at the sheet of paper? or displaying a picture on the computer screen, and then pointing a camera at the computer screen?

that won’t help you simulate fog!

just use pictures of foggy scenes from the internet.

Because, I only can use data from SoC. So the outcome from openCV(on PC) will be different with camera.
FYI, I can’t figure out how the SoC make this data. So using openCV on PC and get values from images will not be same as I developed on camera

please explain SoC, and why it matters here

you can read image files on your “SoC”. you don’t have to read from an attached camera.