Is OpenCV compilable for Windows on Arm?


Microsoft has lately released 2 new architecture targets for VS2022: Arm64 and Arm64EC.

We’re currently using an older version of OpenCV that is not compatible with Windows on Arm. I just wanted to ask whether the latest version is now fully compatible? If no, is this part of the future roadmap?

Thank you very much!

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I have no clue about any of that. I found this, which suggests that there used to be some work on that. opencv/platforms/winrt at 4.x · opencv/opencv · GitHub

and there’s this: Added NEON support in builds for Windows on ARM by shibayan · Pull Request #21630 · opencv/opencv · GitHub

so I’d guess there’s interest and effort and if you notice any issues, they will welcome your voice over on the github

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Thanks! Will try to integrate the latest version then and if I notice anything will raise my issues on the github.

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