Is there any doc about the algorithm implemention of SVD in OpenCV?

I am learning the SVD in OpenCV, hope to get some doc about the jacobi SVD algorithm, thanks much!

well, the API docs are here

Thanks for your reply!
I hope I can know the algorithm of SVD in OpenCV, so hope to get some doc or paper about it. I have learned some knowledge about the two-side jacobi SVD and one-side jacobi SVD. But when I read the SVD source code in OpenCV, I’m still very confused that how does it implemented.


yeah it’s code. someone meant for it to be unreadable. no comments at all, typical engineer’s/mathematician’s code.

I see some “Givens” stuff. Givens and Householder are numerical operations I remember vaguely from undergrad.

just google “svd givens” and see where it leads you. or take a university-level class on numerics.

Thanks for your help! I go back to read the JacobiSVD soruce code again. It seems use one-side jacobi rotations. Maybe I need to study it more, so some details in the code can be figured out.

I would suggest to look at a high performance computing (HPC) course (from Google search?) and maybe to the LAPACK Users’ Guide rather than directly looking at the source code.

Thanks for your suggestion! :grinning: