Issue occurred when trying to build opencv node binding prebuilt using github windows 2019 runner

Hi all. I am facing an issue trying to build a prebuilt of opencv node binding using github windows 2019 Runner. Here is the error.

I have no clue to figure out the error 'a' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

The upstream repo did run the windows prebuilt successfully using github windows 2016 runner, but as of now github only provides windows 2019 and 2022, the same ci failed and threw the above error. I went to the prebuilt repo to fire an issue there, yet without answering. What is the meaning of "a" in `--include-regex "\.(node|a)$"` · Issue #303 · prebuild/prebuild · GitHub

Hope the OpenCV forum could provide some insights.

This is the setup of github windows 2019 runner. runner-images/ at main · actions/runner-images · GitHub

unfortunately, opencv4node.js is a 3rdparty effort, not maintained by opencv devs, and noone here will know ;(

please ask the orig. author of it:

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Thanks for noticing the right direction😂