Issue to uninstall manually built OpenCV on Ubuntu


Could you please suggest a proper way to uninstall OpenCV on Ubuntu?

Before wrote this post I had checked existing Q&A as well as proposed options over stackoverflow, e.g. manually delete all files via grep sudo find / -name "*opencv*" -exec rm

The context is I checkout master branch from the official repo and built it manually. It ends up with warnings and errors. I worked on it last week and today I just want to delete this version and install it again. As I built it manually it was suggested I moved to build folder and run make uninstall, but I got

Cannot find install manifest:

Delete OpenCV files via grep seems it’s not correct, moreover grep search shown several installation (anaconda environments), so I think about possible options to go further.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Ended up with installation:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libopencv-dev python3-opencv

The issue in topic header is unsolved

I’m also getting the same issue, this has lead to a corrupt build for me as there are remnants of a coloredkinfu file that should not exist in opencv 4.5.2 build.

opencv4$ find -iname '*colored*'

opencv4$ grep -i colored_kinfu -R

opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:#ifndef __OPENCV_RGBD_COLORED_KINFU_HPP__
opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:#define __OPENCV_RGBD_COLORED_KINFU_HPP__
opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:namespace colored_kinfu {
opencv2/rgbd.hpp:#include "opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp"

opencv4$ grep -i coloredkinfu -R
opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:class CV_EXPORTS_W ColoredKinFu
opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:    CV_WRAP static Ptr<ColoredKinFu> create(const Ptr<Params>& _params);
opencv2/rgbd/colored_kinfu.hpp:    virtual ~ColoredKinFu();

How can I purge this build?