Uninstall opencv 3.4 on macintosh

Hello all !
I installed OpenCV 3.4 on a macintosh with this tutorial : https://www.learnopencv.com/install-opencv-3-4-4-on-macos/ and now I want to uninstall it to install openCV 4. I know how to install OpenCV 4 but how to uninstall OpenCV 3.4 please ?
Thank you
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did you only do pip install opencv-contrib-python==

or did you do the whole thing?

either way, you should contact the author of the blog. their instructions are incomplete without uninstall instructions.

if you followed that article precisely, you need to delete two things:

installation/OpenCV-3.4.4 wherever you ran that script.
indicated by CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$cwd/installation/OpenCV-"$cvVersion".

indicated by OPENCV_PYTHON3_INSTALL_PATH=~/.virtualenvs/OpenCV-"$cvVersion"

I installed the whole thing, what I want to delete in priority are the C++ libraries