Linking openCV to a GUI

I am trying to make an application which can continuously stream an OpenCV live webcam feed in a Tkinter window. As shown in the graphic below.

The issue I face is the OpenCV VideoRelease command itself opens a new windows. So is there a way to link the OpenCV stream inside a Tkinter GUI.

Please Help Thanks :slight_smile:

the what ? (link ?)

so you’re unable to find that line in your python script and disable it?

if you want my 2 ct – dont use tkinter,
it does not play well with realtime applications (use pyqtgui, pygame or similar)

last - it seems, you try to write some face recognition app. if you’re worrying about gui before having that solved, – you’re putting the cart before the horse !

gotcha thanks for the advice as you said I ll then go with Pyqtgui

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