Needing help with webcam

Hello, i’m new to python but was wondering if anyone wanted to take a crack a this. I want a program that will use my webcam and display it in a window for me to monitor traffic down my hallway. I’m also wanting this video feed to go to another computer. So possibly stream to a file or just from my computer and another program on the other computer to open the feed in a window. C++ is another language i can work with also.

You don’t need OpenCV to do that.
Check out GStreamer. Or ffmpeg.

unfortunately, that’s not how it works here.
do some research on your own,
kindly checkout the tutorials,
and come back, once you have a more specific problem.

VLC would be another tool among those already mentioned.

distributing video on a LAN really has a bunch of solutions already, and OpenCV isn’t one of them.

using OpenCV for this is like needing to drill a few holes in a piece of wood, and noticing that your tractor has a PTO you could weld a drill bit onto.