Stream webcam video to webpage opencv c++

I have program that run my webcam to show the video in c++. I want to stream this video to a webpage. But I didn’t have idea how to process it in c++. I saw some technologies like, ffmpeg, zmq Images…
Can I have some help please.

you’ll have to build some kind of webserver, running on your local machine.

unless you process images, using opencv, it’s probably best to use ffmpeg or gstreamer directly.

Hi, thank you for your quick response.
I use opencv to process my images received from my webcam. What I want is to display them on a future web page.
All right, so I need to stream my video to my server and get it from their to show on my webpage. Is in it ?
I’m a beginner so sorry if I don’t know the exact terms. I’m trying to exploit the opencv library and link it with the web.

do you have gstreamer support in videoio ?
(you could try a server pipeline with VideoWriter)

sounds somewhat a bad idea here.
it’s a computer-vision library, not a video streaming one

Yes i think I have, but I don’t use it. I use V4L2 for videocapture. But as I understand, I need to transform my video in stream and send it to my server to be use ?
Oh ok, I just use opencv to do some image processing. After I show it.

this seems to be “not well planned”.

are you even allowed to start a server, which is visible to the public internet ?
most network providers forbid this.
do you own a static, publicly visible ip ? know about NAT routers ?

No I don’t know anything about network and IP addressing. I’m just starting to get interested in it.

this might be too advanced for you.

and it’s also off-topic. this forum is for OpenCV, not for web (server) development.

you need to learn how various web technologies work and how to use them.

all right thank you for this information

RAP, try this if you want… I cannot get it to work which is why I am here… but the problems are not OPENCV … but the socket programming

also see socket programming how to here

Hope it helps you