Is it possible to create a DirectShow output?

My intention is to use OpenCV to read the webcam input, process that input and create a new DirectShow feed that could be read by other applications.

I’ve read a lot about reading DirectShow inputs but never seen a way to create DirectShow outputs, that’s something that can be done with OpenCV?

Regards, Frank.

explore pyvirtualcam. they use some APIs. the base is numpy arrays, i.e. library-agnostic pieces of image data.

OpenCV is for understanding a picture. if you want to shove the picture somewhere else, that’s not computer vision, hence not a task for OpenCV. you can surely use both in the same program.

take a look at GitHub - iamsurya/minimal-working-examples: Short pieces of code used in other major projects. Language Agnostic.

Unfortunately, I was looking for an OpenCV C++ solution.

did you just reject all those helpful links because you don’t want to even look at Python code to learn what Windows APIs they use to do the exact thing you want?

please ask your question on a forum for Windows API programming. your problem has nothing to do with OpenCV, apart from both things handling image data.