LoadLibraryEx returns NULL

Use Opencv Version : 4.2.0 ( opencv420d.dll use)
Use vs Version : vs 2015
Use Characterset : Unicode

First Time, I just write cv::Mat xxxx…
Memory leaks happen… So I use Delay load about opencv420d.dll
then Memory leaks gone.
But when I use Opencv function like imread
problem like upper image happen.
Can you help me solve this problem?

does not exist. please be more exact

this does look like a linking problem, please show what you do there

what ?

Ah… Not opencv420d.dll… opencvworld420d.dll is correct

Delay load is this.
Configuration Properties > Linker > Input > Delay Loaded Dlls

so it’s trying LoadLibraryEx (WinAPI call) and it can’t find the dll.

figure out where the dll file is.

figure out if that directory can be found by LoadLibraryEx. that usually requires the DLL to be in the working directory of the process or the same directory as the executable you run, or the directory containing the DLL is listed in the PATH environment variable.