Looking for a starting point

I’m new to OpenCV and I search for a starting point for training CascadeHaar model for object detection. I have true positive (images with the object), negative (background images without the object) and I’ve just download OpenCV for work either on Windows and command line or Python.

what are you trying to detect ?
(cascades need rigid objects with reproducable texture)

the tutorial is here

you will need the 3.x version of opencv, those tools do no more exist in 4.x

Hi @berak ,

Yes, the reference says “Createsamples and traincascade are disabled since OpenCV 4.0”. Do you know why?

I believe it is because cascades became obsolete since deep learning appeared on scene 10 years ago. Am I right? Is there any other reason you can think of?

the code relied heavily on the removed C-API, and can no more be built

that’s another reason. dnns like yolo are far more robust, and can detect multiple classes at once.

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