Most compatible Python versions with OpenCV 4.5.2?

After downloading the latest OpenCV release, I’m noticing that the \build\python\cv2 folder only contains python-2.7, -3.5, -3.6, -3.7, -3.8. -3.9
Which version of python is recommended, and for what reason(s)?
I currently have python 3.3.2 and wonder what to step up to.

Python 3.3.2

Release Date: May 15, 2013

go with 3.9 then.

Will do- thank you. Was OpenCV optimized for 3.9? (do you know?)

that question makes no sense. it works with a range of versions. it is not “optimized” for a specific version because there’s nothing to optimize for a specific version. it either works or it doesn’t.

Perhaps I can ask the question differently. Why aren’t python-3.3 and -3.4 included in the \build\python\cv2 folder for OpenCV 4.5.2?

because they are “end of life”. even 3.5 is end of life.

why are you interested in old versions?

Thank you.
I’m interested in impressing upon my organization the need to move on from 3.3

ah! that’s easy.

3.3 hasn’t received any security updates in years. it’s a security risk to keep using that version. that should convince any company. same goes for 3.4 and 3.5.

not a specific security risk per se, but a potential one. there might be actual security issues, but the maintainers aren’t looking for them (the bad guys certainly do!), and any found issues won’t receive fixes anymore.

3.6 and 3.7 are already in the “security fixes only” stage, so their end is near (just 8 months for 3.6). both are receiving source-only releases now, but no binary releases.

3.8 will receive security fixes until 2024-10. however, they’ll release the last bugfix binary around May of this year. it’s source-only releases from then on.

currently, 3.9 is the recommended version because it is the most recent. it is quite stable; it has already received four patch releases (not to mention all the alphas, betas, and release candidates).

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