Need simple code to detect RGB colors

Hello! Using OpenCV for education purposes.
Need to detect RGB colors.

        Mat imageWarp6, matrix6;
        float w6 = 100, h6 = 20;
        Point2f src6[4] = {  {a1, b1}, {c1, d1},  {e1, f1}, {g1_i1}, 
        Point2f dst6[4] = { {0.0f,0.0f},{w6,0.0f},{0.0f,h6},{w6,h6} };
        matrix6 = getPerspectiveTransform(src6, dst6);
        warpPerspective(getColor, imageWarp6, matrix6, Point(w6, h6));

Need output to captured area its color


that code has nothing to do with “detecting colors”. please find a tutorial. we aren’t here to recite docs and tutorials, nor for individual tutoring.