Newbie: Making a random playback position raspberry pi video player. My options?


I signed up here to get help and advice on how to proceed with the following. It is a very simple project but I want to start in the best way possible.

For an upcoming exhibition I need a videoplayer that I can use on a raspberry pi. When pushing a button you will randomly jump to a new video and to a random position of this clip. Shuffle on shuffle.

I have already created this using software PureData (Pd) in combination with a Pd library that allows you to use OpenFrameworks. However, this library is not updated for the Raspberry Pi and I have only succeeded to make it work on OSX. The user interaction button I solved using an Ardunio and serial communication over USB.

I figure a better way to do this is to use OpenCV + Python + GPIO-pins of the Raspberry Pi.

Any help to get me further on is deeply appreciated!


opencv is for computer vision. you are not supposed to make a video player with it merely because it can decode video files. wrong library. it’s like using a wrench to steer a car that lost its steering wheel.

you could control VLC:

or you might want to look into doing this in a web browser instead.

if your “button” can act like a regular key on a keyboard (or you can send key press events), then some javascript in a page in the browser can just handle that key event.


Thank you so much, Ill take a look at the VLC route then.

oh, also: Web Serial API - Web APIs | MDN

browsers (web pages) can talk to serial ports. arduinos present as serial ports.