Object tracking and cordinates

Video Description : A man training a horse in a horse ranch, guy is sitting on the horse and horse is jumping obstacles every now and then , video is of 90 secs. quality is not the best but workable however when horse is at the back of the ranch it becomes very small, which may cause trouble to detectors at that position
camera is mostly stable and moves only once in the video, that also very little

project description : I need to track the horse throughout the video and most important I need to get the (2d) cordinates of the horse throughout in a variable so i can use cordinates as live data in a different place

iā€™m new in ML so, if anyone can guide me where to find resources to build such a code. Thanks in advance

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Have you already found the answer to your concern because I myself am looking for the same thing. If yes, could you please explain me to help me.