Open cv Configuration

I’m following this article to (OpenCV: OpenCV configuration options reference) build limited set of modules but this was giving error saying that
CMake Error at modules/core/CMakeLists.txt:40 (message):
CUDA: OpenCV requires enabled ‘cudev’ module from ‘opencv_contrib’
repository: GitHub - opencv/opencv_contrib: Repository for OpenCV's extra modules

The most common cause of this is that you have not included the path to the modules directory see here.

This may not be your issue but I would double check that you are including the path to the modules directory and not another directory inside opencv contrib.

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Okay Thankyou and also do you know how to build open cv in debug mode only

It depends on what you are using to build it?
For example with Visual Studio you can select Debug in the GUI or request it via the command line

"C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" --build %openCvBuild% --target INSTALL --config Debug
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Thanks for reply i’m using hunter and cmake

Sorry I am not familiar with hunter.

okay , Thanks for your help

Hi one small doubt on this do we need to specifically mention extra module while building limited set of modules

I would have to say it depends as I am not familiar with hunter.

Regarding building using Visual Studio as an example. If you don’t configure to build opencv world (single shared library) then each module can be compiled to a separate shared library by individually selecting it within the GUI.

If however you are talking about configuration then that also depends. For example passing


to cmake automatically enables all of the CUDA modules except cudacodec so you may need to explicitly enable the required module if its default is to be excluded. You can verify which modules are to be built by examining the cmake output.

okay Got it , thankyou

Hey ! one last thing i am now able to build limited modules but i now also want to build some part of opencv_contrib like cudev so how can i do that bcoz when i’m doing that it was giving some configuration error

Can you tell me your input to cmake and the configuration error you are receiving?