OpenCV does not recognize MSVC_VERSION "1932"


I am trying to configure cmake with a VisualStudio 2022 compiler in order to be able to set de openCV library. But it seems that is not posible because of the MSVC_VERSION “1932”. It look like because of that, the program can not set OpenCV_RUNTIME, so the configuration can’t be done.

On the other side, I also have an error that it says “Unknown arguments specified”. I don’t really know what is this meaning.

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Your screenshot is obviously a silly and bad idea for posting text - illegible, can not be searched, not accessible.

Surely you googled about this and found this about tailoring compiler checks:

doesn’t it simply mean, that there’s no support for VisualStudio 2022 (aka MSVC 1832) yet ?

what version of opencv source do you use? MRE (the usual info) is required.

this should have worked, if you didn’t use an outdated version.

further, that error message can ONLY come from “line 124” if the revision was from early 2018 or before.

you are using ancient versions of OpenCV.

if you expect support, use a current version. you are wasting everyone’s time making us deal with something that was fixed years ago.

further, if you have to cross-post, at least also link to your question on other platforms.

you are wasting everyone’s time (once more) when there’s already a correct answer.