OpenCV for adult, racy and gory image classification


I am currently using Azure’s Computer Vision API for classifying and detecting adult content in images, and was wondering if OpenCV have something similar already built-in or another python module that’s built on top of OpenCV that can achieve that. Not sure if I missed something in the documentation, but if anyone can point me to the right way, it would be great.


did you mean this ?

then the answer is probably No, not at that high level.
opencv’s dnn module is able to import a variety of network formats and run inference on them, but it is “bring your own model” here, and you have to do the training elsewhere.
(heck, you even need to bring your own machine, this is a library, not a cloud service !)

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Oh, okay. I figured as much. The CV API from MS isn’t exactly cheap so we wanted an alternative. Training our model also doesn’t seem viable.

Thank you for the quick reply.


lol, yea ;(
maybe you can find something in a place like this