OpenCV on VS2022 and Qt, no console output except for parallel backend INFO

I encountered the following issue while developing with OpenCV on VS2022 and Qt 6.8 platforms:
After completing the program, there were no compilation errors, and the program ran without any errors reported. However, the console output was minimal and not in line with the expected logic of my program. I have included a screenshot of the console information in the email and would appreciate it if someone could take a look.
platform is window11,opencv version is 4.9.0-dev
The command control message is:

[ INFO:0@0.082] global registry_parallel.impl.hpp:96 cv::parallel::ParallelBackendRegistry::ParallelBackendRegistry core(parallel): Enabled backends(2, sorted by priority): TBB(1000); OPENMP(990)
[ INFO:0@0.082] global parallel_for.tbb.hpp:54 cv::parallel::tbb::ParallelForBackend::ParallelForBackend Initializing TBB parallel backend: TBB_INTERFACE_VERSION=12130
[ INFO:0@0.082] global parallel.cpp:77 cv::parallel::createParallelForAPI core(parallel): using backend: TBB (priority=1000)

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MRE please. without it, we can’t check your claims or debug anything.

the console output you do see is INFO messages. those are neither errors nor issues.