OpenCV using Dev C/C++

Hey Guys. Sorry for basic question, but I’m trying to configure Dev C/C++ to use Opencv 4.5.4-vc14_vc15. Could you suggest a link with a tutorial or similar? Thanks.

devcpp is a simple editor / ide,
that comes bundled with a (mostly outdated!) mingw compiler.

this means, no, you cannot use the prebuilt openv libs from the winpack
(they’re for msvc only)
you have to build the opencv libs from (github) src first,
using cmake, similar to what is done in linux.
(and no, we dont have tutorials for your special case)

can you report the output of g++ --version , please ?

Thank you very much,

The G++ version is TMD GCC 4.9.2


i dont think, this is useable
try to get a newer mingw-64 (8.1.0 does work)

current release is of GCC 10.3.0. why do you use such an ancient release? and why the “dev-c++” editor? that’s dead afaik, and Embarcadero being involved doesn’t mean much.