Pausing execution until DShow settings are closed

When using CAP_PROP_SETTINGS on a CAP_DSHOW backed capture object to bring up the camera settings window, execution continues as normal. While this can be useful for seeing the changes take effect in real-time, there are occasions when it would be beneficial to pause execution until those settings have been adjusted.

Is there any in-built way to detect when the settings dialog window has been closed?

no, there isnt. but maybe you can solve it as easy as:

  • press `p´, to show the settings & pause the processing
  • close settings window
  • press p again, to resume processing

Thanks for your help, what I’ve done is just put an extra prompt waiting for the user

while poking around trying to find an answer to this, I found out
returns 1 as long as the dialog is open, 0 otherwise.
Just poll in a loop