Problem with using cv::utils::fs;

I am trying to use the canonical method of the cv::utils::fs namespace, but I get an error that cv::utils has no member fs. Any clues what might be wrong?

Do you add #include <opencv2/core/utils/filesystem.hpp> in your source file?

Hi @laurent.berger thanks, I haven’t included in the source. I guess I didn’t figured it out because in C# “using” keyword is enough. I did it on autopilot of sorts. Thanks for your help!

Your tag in your post is C++ and not csharp
It’s not the good forum
I think you can ask about opencvcsharp here

Hi Laurent,

I am suing the C++ interface right now. So the tag is correct and I suspect your suggestion is the problem. Just in a habit I didn’t realise that “using” is not enough when using C++.


@berak @crackwitz
I wonder how can i guess reading doc that I must include opencv2/core/utils/filesystem.hpp?

there is a function glob
and another one here
that’s really weird

I don’t know what they’re doing with those namespaces.

best open an issue about it.