Problems in the image stitching process

Dear friends, I would like to ask how to realize image stitching in the following way.
The image i want to stitch is as follows: The following is the original image:

I need help to solve this problem similar to right-angle image stitching.The missing parts of the stitched image can be expressed in the form of black blocks.
If possible, please provide the corresponding code for my reference, thank you very much.

there is plenty of code out there, and tutorials, and all other kinds of resources.

go and use those. there will be no spoon-feeding.

Thanks for your reply, aiming this question i have tried some stitching methods, such as Switcher function, Sift corner detection stitching, etc., but they have not achieved satisfactory results. Maybe i got it wrong in some ways, hoping to get some new ideas.

you claim that… show the proof.

show the approaches you have found.

did you read the articles on the stitching module in the opencv docs and run that code? show that you did.

we aren’t in school here, where the teacher, who is already paid to spend time on you, chooses to take your word or drop the issue. you are getting free help here. you are getting my attention as long as it entertains me. show me you actually did your homework.

Thank you very much for your reminder. It is my hornor to receive your replay. Today I realized this splicing through surf algorithm . Wish you happy every day.