Problems installing OpenCV 4.5.4 on aarch64

I have been installing 4.5.4 on two Odroid boards, running Linux, to compare install steps, one being an XU4 (32 bit) armhf and the other a N2+ (64 bit) aarch64. Managed to complete an install on XU4 but had some problems with N2+, aarch64 needing extra options on cmake, the first two to stop build errors with videoio and the third with a further compilation error in the Python module build.
-D BUILD_opencv_videoio=OFF
-D BUILD_opencv_python3=OFF

I have been using previous versions of OpenCV on the XU4 board for the last 4-5 years and always had some problems to get round, but the aarch64 is a bit more challenging. The installation completed successfully but I think that there is a lack information on installation in aarch64. Has anyone else tried this path?

maybe check out the arm build bots