Rectangular image view in all window when zooming

How can I visualize a rectangular image in the whole cv2 window when zooming.
I have a wide image, and I need to zoom in to use a mouse callback function, but it only uses the height of the image to zoom in.
There is a way to use the whole window height, and not just the image height?


what is a “high”?

I mean height, misspell sorry!!
I corrected it!!

ah, okay. could you maybe illustrate the issue with a screenshot?

This is how the image is loaded

This is when I zoom:

all the space above and below the image is not used when I zoom


yes, that seems to be a bug in the “fancy Qt” variant of highgui.

make sure you use the latest OpenCV, latest release v4.5.1 at least, better the master branch HEAD revision. see if the problem has been fixed already, or still persists.

So I developed a GUI, with opencv=4.2.0.
I just checked v4.5.1 still has the same issue

Thanks for the response

at this point I can only recommend opening an issue on github.

if you decide to submit an issue, provide minimal but complete reproducing source code. also include those screenshots. they make the issue easy to understand.