[Resolved] Masks fail to gather the colours I give it, even after making sure it was in the correct colour space

I’m trying to track multiple coloured balls as player controllers, a little like the PS Moves, to eventually make a gaming platform based on the tracking.
Problem is, when showing the camera an object whose colours are in the specified bounds, the mask doesn’t pick it up.
In config.json there are RGB values for upper and lower bounds that are then converted into OpenCV HSV.
The integrity of the files are here in https://github.com/Rexxt/augmove-tracking-server.
Can anyone please help?

please, no, that’s not how it works here
(noone will parse a complete github repo, to find out, where your problem might be …)

show us a minimal, reproducable example here, and highlight the actual problem, - else we cant help, sorry

thank you for your response, there are a few things to note though:
a. i can’t just trim down the code to find a problem when i don’t know where it lies
b. i might have fucked up in the conversion from RGB to HSV values in the JSON file, so i’ll work on that then keep you updated

Issue resolved, solution was to ditch conversion altogether and store values as HSV directly.