Sending video data over UART

I have question about strange size of Video Capture. I want to know the current size of single frame captured from my USB camera . When i print the size of, i see 921600 bytes , it can’t be real , because h264 frame with resolution 640x480 must be around 50kb . Please explain me about this.

That’s image byte size : 640 *480 *3

I want to send single frame over UART , and receive it in other side , for displaying . To do this , do i need to send 1mb data? And is it correct to send it using serial lib? (ser.write())

Learn about video, the difference between compressed and uncompressed data.

This is not an Arduino forum.

Sending video data over UART is a terrible idea.

I have working code that sends data over UART , but it is too slow (because it sends 921600 bytes), I looking for a way to incrase the speed of communication . I don’t like method with cutting quality of frame .

Problem is here :

h264 is a data stream. There is no image frame (sometime key frame). To get a frame you need a codec algorithm.
Codec algorithm are used just after camera is grabbed and just before display image(or image analysis)

VideoWriter can be a solution? It work faster but i haven’t got working receiver side yet.

not bytes but bits, per second.