Shipping with a blender addon?

Hi. I’d like to ship open cv and dnn_superres with a Blender addon. It’s not safe to use pip install because often the site-packages isn’t writeable if the user has installed blender via the exe (rather than using the portable zip version). Also using pip to install to another location isn’t good either, because blender works in it’s own python environment, and doesnt have access to the system environment variables. So it’s likely pip will install to a location out of blender’s scope, leading to import failure.

Probably the safest option is to bundle opencv with the addon? What is the minimum I need to include, are dll’s needed etc, or is there a purely pyhthon version? I’m just interested in using the DNN modules such as dnn_superres from the contrib. Is that OK by the way, I couldn’t find any licence information indicating that it’s OK for me to ship he contrib modules/dlls and models as part of a paid addon. Are the contrib modules apache2?