Bare minimum files needed to package with my own python application

Hi, I’d like to give my python application dnn_superres . Which files do I need to provide to the end user in my application? Will I need to build the dll’s for each os and package them with my app, or is there a pip command that can get the pre-built dlls for the users OS?

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do NOT try to supply your own dlls, they wont work for apple / linux /raspi users.

instead, make your users run

pip install opencv-contrib-python

Thanks very much, job sorted :+1: Now for the fun bit, learning all the available functions and models. Can the deep learning models be pip installed by the way, or do they need to be shipped with the addon?

no. you have to find your own way

what is an “addon” ?

the superres dnn models can be downloaded from here

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Thanks again, an addon is just what I call the software because it runs in another software.

I was struggling to find any licence information regarding bundling the models with my code. Do you know if the licence permits it? I was going to bundle several of the models hopefully.

license for both codeand models is apache2

That’s perfect, thanks very much for you help, you’re a legend :+1:

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