License of 3rd-party dnn model


coming from the less-than-helping ticket at [Q] license of files in 3rdparty repo · Issue #19290 · opencv/opencv · GitHub

Does this statement (Is the face detector open source) also hold for things in your opencv_3rdparty repository, especially the dnn_samples_face_detector_20180205_fp16 branch?

I think you’re supposed to ask the contributor (in the other issue/merge request) about the license.

it might be possible to assume that the other stuff (contrib, 3rdparty) lives under the same license as the main repository

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. lawyers can figure this out. you don’t need to. yes they’re capable of operating github and investigating.

And I should have guessed that was supposed to ask the contributor from the ticket how?

So. er. You’re telling me that you are hosting files in your repository that you don’t know the license of? I’d call that “potentially problematic”.

you can have feelings about that, or you can get stuff done.

I’m a volunteer here, “I” am not doing anything. I gave you my opinion. do with it whatever you like.

at least for the main repo, the pull request template asks the contributor to acknowledge that they are able and willing to submit their contribution under the existing license.

you could open an issue and ask for a clarification on those specific contributions, i.e. for someone to add an explicit license to the model.

that is what you’ve been advised to to: ask the original contributor about this. alalek might have been less than explicit about this but I think I have been.

you really should go get a lawyer. they at least get paid to deal with this.