Watchdog code - What to do next


I have made a simple code using OpenCV.

Basically after detecting faces, it writes the output with a timestamp, in given intervals.

It also can send e-mail, so that it can work as a watchdog for your computer intruders.

I want to post this under OpenCV licenses. (make it open source)

How am I supposed to do that?

many thanks

opencv code is published under the Apache 2 license

(simply explain this in your program, and add a link to it)

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Thank you.

Should I open it under OpenCV, or can I just upload it as a project to my page?

This will be my first shared stuff.

Many thanks berak

how exactly would you ?

yea, ofc

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Thanks again.

I think it is done now.

You are welcome to check and let me know if anything wrong.



well, what you copied here is actually a MIT licence
(they were using that before switching to apache)
((but it’s almost equally permissive, and if that is your choice, why not …))

then, your program is doing face detection (face or not). identification would be: “who is it”, something slightly more advanced, hehe :wink:

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Train the AI with face of colleagues you say… Will look onto that. thanks!!

Train the AI with face of colleagues

uuu wait. maybe not !

identifying ppl means crossing a line from “watchdog” to “surveillance”. you would need their consent, if you dont want to be evil …