Stereo Calibration Process for depth estimation with disparity map

Hi OpenCV community,

I’m new to OpenCV and stereo photogrammetry. I would like to clarify how the stereo calibration process should be done.

I want to check if this process is correct:

  1. Capture images on left and right cameras individually with the checkerboard
  2. Calibrate both cameras individually, save the matrixes
  3. Undistort individual cameras using the matrixes
  4. Capture stereo image pairs of checkerboard after the camera has been undistorted
  5. Stereo Calibrate the stereo camera, save the matrixes
  6. Stereo Rectify the images using the stereo matrixes
  7. Create disparity map using StereoSBGM
  8. ?Not too sure how to quantify disparity to actual depth?

Thanks in advance!