Stereo Neural Inference demo not working

I am trying to run the Stereo Neural Inference on this page:

The command line is:

python3 -cnn face-detection-retail-0004 -cnn2 landmarks-regression-retail-0009 -cam left_right -dd -sh 12 -cmx 12 -nce 2 -monor 400 -monof 30

I know I have to use python and not python3 on Windows. The errors are for cnn2, cam, cmx. nce

Do you have any idea if anyone is working on an easier interface to the camera demos?

Thanks in advance for your help.

and the exact errors are ?
(you need to show us, we can’t guess those …)

I will get back to you tonight with specific errors but I thought that the problem would be obvious. For example, cnn2 isn’t even an option in the list of parameters. Also, left_right isn’t an option for the cam parameter.

I think I either have an old version of or the example is a custom version.

I contacted Luxonis and they stated that they need to update their page.

I assumed Luxonis was part of OpenCV. I apologize for that.