Stereo with ds-2cd2t43g2-2i, distance?

i have this camera and wanna to stereo two of them. real lot of text but im beginner.
1- can help me about, how much is max distance i can get with which baseline?
2- can i use this with baseline of 20cm or must decrease it?
i want to remove background from target moving object. wanna to get distance of object from stereo and remove pixels with distance threshold.
Thanks for helping.

I see that in the datasheet there are multiple lens options. If you decided to go with the 6mm (52ยบ hFov). In this post [How to calculate the maximum distance of a stereo camera? - OpenCV Q&A Forum] you can get the distance you can expect for a given diapsrity distance = base * f / (disparity * px )

If you can find the sensor datasheet you can see the px (pitch) otherwise you can get a similar estimation using distance = base / (tan(fov/hres)*disparity) where Base: baseline distance in m
hres: is the number of pixels in each row of the sensor.(in your case max:2688)