Stitching two images from two camera's together

Hi everyone!

At the moment im working at a small project for my soccer club. The want to record and watch after games the footage. The camera’s where already there because of a failed project in the Netherlands (VoetbalTV) so I have to work with this. They have an barrel effect but I managed to fix that.

What I want:
I want to stitch the two images together like the first image below. I tried using RANSAC and feature matching. This both didnt work because the images are to similar. What is the best way to go about this? after this I also want to remove the kind of weird middle line in the feature, but thats a problem for later :slight_smile:

I never asked something on this forum, and are not very familiar with opencv. So if you need more info or I’m not clear enough, please leave a comment (and don’t be like stackoverflow :slightly_frowning_face: )

Thanks in advance, and have an good weekend!

Just found out I can only attach on type of media so i put everything in one mega image lol
Here is a github link to the images:

May be this old post will help you How do I stitch images with two different angles? - OpenCV Q&A Forum

Definitly something to look into! thanks!

Maybe for this only rotating both images is enough I think. Like on the roll axis so i don’t even need all that fancy stitch stuff?