SystemError: error return without exception set from model.getMean("mean")

I’m having trouble executing a file that trains the face recognition system. I’m using the code from pi-facerec-box Github: from github link attached above.
import fnmatch
import os
import cv2
import numpy as np
import pickle
from PIL import Image
import test_config
import test_face

MEAN_FILE = 'test_mean.png'
POSITIVE_EIGENFACE_FILE = 'test_positive_eigenface.png'
NEGATIVE_EIGENFACE_FILE = 'test_negative_eigenface.png'

def walk_files(directory, match='*'):
    # Generator function to iterate through all files in a directory recursively
    # which match the given filename match parameter.
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(directory):
        for filename in fnmatch.filter(files, match):
            yield os.path.join(root, filename)

def prepare_image(filename):
    # Read an image as grayscale and resize it to the appropriate size for
    # training the face recognition model.
    return test_face.resize(cv2.imread(filename, cv2.IMREAD_GRAYSCALE))

def normalize(X, low, high, dtype=None):
    # Normalizes a given array in X to a value between low and high.
    # Adapted from python OpenCV face recognition example at:
    X = np.asarray(X)
    minX, maxX = np.min(X), np.max(X)
    # normalize to [0...1].
    X = X - float(minX)
    X = X / float((maxX - minX))
    # scale to [low...high].
    X = X * (high-low)
    X = X + low
    if dtype is None:
        return np.asarray(X)
    return np.asarray(X, dtype=dtype)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print "Reading training images..."
    faces = []
    names = []
    labels = []
    pos_count = 0
    neg_count = 0
    mainpath = 'training'
    path1 = []
    path1 = [os.path.join(mainpath, f) for f in os.listdir(mainpath)]
    for index in range(len(os.listdir(mainpath))):
                # Go through every images
                for filename in walk_files(path1[index], '*.pgm'):
                        # Get student id from image name
                        nbr = int(os.path.split(filename)[1].split(".")[0].replace("subject", ""))
                        # Get student name from image name
                        student_name = os.path.split(filename)[1].split(".")[1].replace("subject", "")
                        # Store resized face images in faces[]
                        # Store all student names into names[]
                        # Store all student id into labels[]

    # Train model
    print 'Training model...'
    model = cv2.face.EigenFaceRecognizer_create()
    model.train(np.asarray(faces), np.asarray(labels))

    # Save model results
    print 'Training data saved to', test_config.TRAINING_FILE

    # Save mean and eignface images which summarize the face recognition model.
    mean = model.getMean("mean").reshape(faces[0].shape)
    cv2.imwrite(MEAN_FILE, normalize(mean, 0, 255, dtype=np.uint8))
    eigenvectors = model.getEigenVectors("eigenvectors")
    pos_eigenvector = eigenvectors[:,0].reshape(faces[0].shape)
    cv2.imwrite(POSITIVE_EIGENFACE_FILE, normalize(pos_eigenvector, 0, 255, dtype=np.uint8))
    neg_eigenvector = eigenvectors[:,1].reshape(faces[0].shape)
    cv2.imwrite(NEGATIVE_EIGENFACE_FILE, normalize(neg_eigenvector, 0, 255, dtype=np.uint8))

I got the following error:

mean = model.getMat("mean").reshape(faces[0].shape)
AttributeError: 'cv2.face_EigenFaceRecognizer' object has no attribute 'getMat'

After googling I found that instead of getMat() I must use getMean() . After using it I following error:

mean = model.getMean("mean").reshape(faces[0].shape)
SystemError: error return without exception set

I couldn’t find any solution for this, So, any idea why I’m getting this.

I’m using OpenCV 4.1.0 with Raspbian Stretch on RaspberryPi 3b.

please consult docs first

getMean() does not take any arguments (this is producing your error)

then, an untrained model will return None, you need to check this, before calling reshape() on it !

then is there any alternative for getMat(), I’m very new to this can you please help me!
Thanks in Advance.

there is no getMat(). again, see docs for syntax.

why do you even need the mean image ?

I’m trying to create positive and negative eigenfaces from the mean image which are later used for face recognition.

that does not make any sense, sorry.
there are neither positive or negative faces here
(this is a multi-class identification-from-a-database framework.)

if you wanted authentication (is that me?) or verification (same person as in the other image ?) – this is the wrong tool for your job, rather try with the openface dnn iinstead, then

sorry If I’m not making any sense, I’m really new to OpenCV. I’m trying to change the already written code for my own project.

please clarify the exact purpose of your project

and please, ignore anything, that tries to use or references opencv2.4
(api / codebase has changed significantly)

again, what’s the face recognition for ? which problem should it solve ?
(is this some kind of student attendance system ?)

and just saying, in the example code you’re refering to, the mean and eigenvecs are only used for visualization, non-essential part of it
(there’s probably even noone looking … )

A portable face recognition system created with a Raspberry Pi 3b. I’m building this system for taking attendance in my class using students’ faces. It uses the Eigenface algorithm for face recognition. If the face is recognised the students will be marked as present else absent. later the attendance system will send the attendance report to the specified email.

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The code in the question is part of the project. Here is the full project.

again, it’s outdated (or simply wrong). use with care, and rather, try to write something better on your own