Template Matching way slower after changing OS to Ubuntu


I have a program that I wrote and used in Windows.
It’s using opencv-pythons template matching to find a lot of pictures very quickly.
On Windows it took about 0.5 seconds but after changing to Ubuntu 20.04LTS it takes 1.5 seconds.
I even installed opencv from the source files after trying it with pip but that didn’t change much either.
I hope someone knows the reason or if there is anything to improve the performance on Ubuntu.

Thanks in Advance


I’d blame the change in operating system.

how about you present everything you have and do, and then we can take a look? do keep it brief, and show the things themselves (source, data) rather than describing them with words.

thanks for your answer.
Fortunately I found the problem and it was actually not OpenCV.
I used a screenshot function which now took almost a second for a screenshot.
I didn’t even think about that.
I replaced it with a similiar function and now everything runs fast again.
OpenCV does not cause any problems.
Sorry for the question.

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